About Course

Course Overview Any measurement of a certain quantity of matter is accompanied with uncertainty due to many factors. Estimation of measurement uncertainty is a requirement to have a trusted measurement. This course Introduces the concept of measurement uncertainty and how to quantify measurement uncertainty through the knowledge of uncertainty sources and some basic statistics.

Delivery Mode

Online – Attendance

Course Duration :

3 days – 4 Hours /day.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Chemical and medical Lab’s QC specialist.
  • Chemical and medical Lab’s R&D specialist.
  • Research assistant.

Course Curriculum

1) Know the different types of uncertainty sources for a measurement.

2) Master basic definitions and differentiate between their applications.

3) Understand the basic statistics for the estimation.

4) Know the different approaches for quantifying measurement uncertainty.

5) Estimate the standard uncertainty for each approach. (Spreadsheet App)

6) Estimate the combined and expanded uncertainties. (Spreadsheet App)

7) Express and interpret the results.



  • B.Sc. in a relevant scientific field: (Science, Agriculture, Pharmacy… etc).
  • Access to a PC with a spreadsheet application: (Excel, Google sheets… etc).